The world’s largest 3D printed concrete building is complete


The world’s largest 3D printed concrete building has been completed in Oman. The project team consisting of Mexican Cement Company Cemexthe German University of Technology (GUtech) in Omanand Danish manufacturer of 3D printers, cobod.

The 2,100 square foot structured building was produced using real concrete and was designed as a typical Oman house. It consists of a reception, a living room, a kitchen and three bedrooms. The concrete used for the walls of the largest 3D printed concrete building in the world cost around €1,600. Cubod said the printable dry mix mortar that is commonly used in printed buildings would have cost from $20,000 and up.

The world’s largest 3D-printed concrete building construction phase

Look for construction leads

Construction work on the largest 3D printed concrete building in the world took place in two stages. The first stage was devoted to perfecting the recipe for the concrete as well as training the Omani crew.

The next stage was devoted to the construction work which would have lasted 5 days. Instead of using the traditional dry mortar that is often used in other 3D printed structures, GUtech took a different approach. The institution used a D fab solution developed by Cemex and Cobod which consisted of locally sourced sand, gravel and cement. The resulting mixture, according to the team, was much easier to deposit and in addition, considerably reduced construction costs.

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Cemex’s executive vice president of sustainability, Juan Romero, said the introduction of the 3D printing system should be seen as a testament to the company’s customer-centric mindset, alongside the company’s relentless focus on improvement and innovation.

For the project, more than 99.5% of the construction materials used all came from local sources; it is said that 0.5% of building materials came from Europe.

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