Small concrete building with a dark history on sale for £280,000


In rural Kansas sits a strange concrete outhouse with a dark and intriguing past, and if that sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll be glad to know it’s actually for sale.

It is an underground bunker that once belonged to the US military and contained a few intercontinental ballistic missiles in the 1960s.

This means that in terms of security, it could withstand a nuclear strike – which is certainly a plus point.

However, in terms of comfort and luxury, it leaves a bit to be desired.

He’s a repairman. Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Immobilier

There’s no doubt that someone with a full wallet and a wild imagination could turn this into a really cool house, but it’s pretty hard to see right now.

Sitting on 11 acres of land, you’ll be pleased to know there’s running water, electricity and provisions for sewage disposal, and it’s a 6,900ft property.

There are several levels underground and it was manned by a crew of five, who used a tunnel leading to a launch control room located 170 feet underground.

No doubt he has potential, though.  Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Immobilier
No doubt he has potential, though. Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Immobilier

It is on offer for around £280,000 ($380,000) by Hirsch Immobilierwho perhaps underestimate it by announcing that it is a “one-room building for offices or warehouses”.

The online ad continues: “This facility has a lot of potential however you choose to go about it.

“A house, apartments or a bed and breakfast are just a few ideas.

“If you want something that offers security and uniqueness then this property is for you.”

Kansas was home to 12 of the 72 sites where Atlas F-series missiles could be launched in the United States.

This one is in a rural area called Abiline.

How...comfortable.  Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Immobilier
How…comfortable. Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Immobilier

The estate agent’s listing adds: “Built on 11 acres of land, this property is home to a disused Atlas F missile silo complex.

“The underground complex was designed to withstand a nuclear strike and has water, electricity and a forced sewage system above ground.

“There are 6,900 square feet in the complex with the two upper levels consisting of approximately 1,200 feet of space.

“This area was used for the launch control center [sic] and accommodation for the crew. The main missile silo is located at a depth of 170 feet.”

Here is the whole underground complex.  Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Immobilier
Here is the whole underground complex. Credit: Zillow/Hirsch Immobilier

In addition to the underground complex and land, there is also a nice hangar-like building above ground that you can also have.

Credit: Hirsch Immobilier
Credit: Hirsch Immobilier

So if you’re looking to open a Cold War-themed hotel, or living in constant fear of thermonuclear war, aren’t we all these days? – you might consider making an offer.


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