SigmaRoc launches UK’s first cementless carbon concrete building block


SigmaRoc (SRC TO FOLLOW) announced the launch of ‘Greenbloc’, a new range that will be responsible for creating the UK’s first cementless ultra-low carbon concrete building block.

The group’s range of buy-and-build building materials will create a block with a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to the traditional concrete building block which is widely used in the construction of real estate and infrastructure across all industries.

SigmaRoc claims that Greenbloc is completely cementless, “making it unique in the UK market”. On average, it offers a significant net reduction in incorporated CO2 (“eCO2”) of 77% per concrete block. Overall, Greenbloc’s average CO2e reduction “is equivalent to the CO2 emitted by the electricity consumption of an average household for four years,” he noted.

The product is produced by SigmaRoc’s PPG platform in its various production facilities. The company said the product has been “well received” by the market with keen interest from several major national building material dealers since the first trials in 2020.

The company has informed investors that more concrete building block sizes and specifications will be released in the coming weeks and months, expanding the Greenbloc lineup.

SigmaRoc shares have risen nearly 45% in value over the past three months, from 49.5. The stock’s shares were trading up 3.68% to 70.5p this morning after the news broke.

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The Group has stated that it is committed to improving sustainability and reducing the environmental impact in the construction sector and that it will continue to develop its range of sustainable products with the aim of offering low emission alternatives. of carbon to each of its own concrete products.

“Our range and our Greenbloc brand are the result of our innovation and technical teams. It responds to a key challenge in the construction products industry, the CO2 contained in one of the most widely used building materials: concrete block. ” said CEO Max Vermorken.

Vermorken explained that Greenbloc is “Only the start of a range of sustainable alternatives” to the Group’s product offering, which continues to “Invest, improve, integrate and innovate. ”

Michael Roddy, General Manager of SigmaRoc’s Prefabricated Products Group (“PPG”), said:

“Reducing embodied carbon is a major challenge in the building materials industry. The PPG platform, which includes key innovator, Poundfield Products, and leading block maker, CCP, is well positioned to advance this area. With Greenbloc we are launching a new product as we aim for a low carbon alternative for every concrete product we produce. ”

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