Ministry and construction agency both failed in planning and execution, experts say


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Although the technical committee set up by the state government to examine the factors behind the failure of the Karam dam in Dhar has not yet submitted its report, experts in the field of dam construction believe that the Karam dam failure suggests the failure of the Madhya Pradesh Water Resources Department (MPWRD) and the construction agency in both planning the construction and its execution.

They also believe that the dam breach was a major incident that cannot be overlooked just because there were no casualties that did not occur as the breach was immediately reported and action was taken. consequence to avoid a major event.

Former MPWRD Chief Engineer NN Gandhi said: “There are well-established technical parameters as to how such a dam should be constructed. It seems that there was a failure not only on the planning part, but also on its execution.

He said there were several steps that needed to be taken to build the dam like testing the soil, its moisture, soil compaction, soil layers, etc. In addition, there was also a monitoring role. If the ministry saw a flaw in the execution of the planning, it should have asked the construction agency to stop the work, but apparently this was not done.

Former chief engineer AK Sojatia said that this dam was quite a different dam, half earth and half concrete. Such a dam had to be built in a year. “Exceeding the deadline seems to be the only reason for the dam breaking,” he added.

Former Chief Engineer, MPWRD SP Singh said, “Whenever a dam is completed, a spillway is constructed before it is used. In the case of the Karam dam, the spillway was missing, so a channel had to be created later when there was the breach to evacuate the water.

He said: “While the lack of a spillway is a major drawback, there was another issue which apparently was not taken care of. Whenever a dam is used after construction, it should only be filled one-third full in the first year.

The breaking of the Karam dam was noticed last Thursday, after which no less than 18 villages were evacuated. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan monitored the situation for two days from the state control room.

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